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There is No Hero in Heroin, only those who overcome!

Janice Harris, CEO/Founder TINHIH Foundation


I am the mother of a heroin addict, who for the past six years he has been in and out of schools, rehabs, jail and prison. Because I am unable to help someone not willing to receive the assistance, I started an online closed Facebook group, entitled, ?There is No Hero in Heroin?. The group was conceived on 1/12/12 and by the 31st of the month membership reached 100.

 We, a group of family and friends of addicts, or addicts in recovery, joked about celebrating the milestone. I suggested we release one black balloon for every year our loved one has been lost to addiction (using). I created and posted an event page, and it went viral. Not only did we have requests for host events as far away as South Africa, Canada, British Columbia, England, Italy and all over the United States, we had individuals posting their anticipated participation in the privacy of their own yards.

As attendance around the world grew, and suggestions poured in, I  added the release of red balloons for loved ones who lost their battle with addiction (OD) and white ones for those who have overcome addiction (Sobriety).

 Because the event has developed so great a following, I have already formed a committee to create an annual event. If I can indulge you to explain what this event means to families of addicts, here is a comment left on the event page:

?My 18 year old son Steven died 1/12/10 from an accidental overdose of oxycontin and his birthday is on 2/14/96 so this is the perfect way to spend the day before his birthday.?


This event is to create solidarity, a feeling of not being alone, and a chance to forget the helplessness and truly cling to hope, even just for today.

Apart from releasing the balloons to raise awareness, I as the founder of this event, have also started the There is No Hero In Heroin Foundation, hoping to raise donations to send addicts to rehab, help offset the cost of family counseling and continue to raise awareness world wide. The committee also envisions speaking engagements, fundraisers and other planned venues to bring the plight of addiction, the scarcity of rehabilitation programs, and the need for quality federally and state funded rehab programs into the public spotlight. We will also raise the curtain on addiction in our schools and work towards holding drug courts more accountable. There is no hero in heroin, only those who overcome. (Heroin is a metaphor for all drugs in this case).


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